Decisions, Decisions: Planning Your Content


Despite the fact that it can get difficult, deciding on your content will always be on of the most important aspects or steps as you build a website. See, when you don’t pay attention to content, you are likely to suffer the fate of a number of other websites: an emphasis on style rather than substance. While style is also significant, you must never forget that it’s the substance that makes the message stick. It’s the form that lures people into your website, but it’s the content that makes them stay. So, if you intend to make your website visitors stay on your website, go ahead and follow these great tips for content.

What to Include in Your Content

websiteWill you be selling stuff online? In that case, you might want to consider turning your website into a store. Or at the very least, you will need to think about (and figure out) how you’re going to make those products available for your clients to purchase. Some people prefer having a store with a hosting service, the more popular of which are Amazon, Cafepress, and Society6. These hosting services are all reliable, but if you’d like to  explore some of your own, then that may actually be a good idea, too.

Another thing you can consider including in your content is media. Yes, and you think of media of all sorts – videos, music, whatever. The things you do need to consider if you are going to post media is the question of how you are going to place them. Knowing the right way to embed these media files will also ensure that they are positioned correctly in your final output. So yes, by all means, include those videos from YouTube and SoundCloud, but make sure you know how to.

A third consideration for content is the inclusion of images. This is especially important for those who are not only web designers but are also budding photographers and artists. If you’d like to include your work in your website, be very careful and wise in installing certain details to make sure that these files are not so easily saveable or downloadable. Protect your intellectual and creative property at all times.

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